YAKOS 65 biological evaporator

The Safzone biological evaporator model with type II safety level, provides a clean work space with biological protection for users. The Safzone unit has an EN 12 469: 2000 standard and upholds the strictest requirements. Additionally, the Safzone unit is uniquely equipped with double walls and low-pressure, providing several advantages:


  • Optimal protection – the double walls that surround the entire working space prevent all possible leaks by creating a low-pressure protective screen.
  • Convenience – noise level: by distributing the recycled are homogeneously around the working space extremely low noise level may be attained.
  • Cleanliness level – the air supplied to the working space returns through the vents in uniform manner, preventing any turbulence that could detract from the cleanliness level.


Additionally, an optional ECM type computer controlled automatic flow control system maintains steady standard flow even when the filters generate a higher pressure fall if blocked. It also contains a warning system that notifies if filters are blocked