HEPA filter evaporator

Tera model HEPA filter evaporator made by ADCR upholds IS 1839 requirements.


90mm, 120mm or 150mm wide evaporator equipped with a HEPA filter that includes:

  • Front window made of “extruded” fiberglass for inserting equipment (over 20cm tall).
  • Unit dimensions: width 900/1,200/1,500mm, depth 600mm, internal height 600mm.
  • Working space delimited by reinforced glass on three of the unit’s sides. Alternatively, if the unit contains electric sockets, a double back with glass side walls for convenient operation.
  • Unit space equipped with LED lighting
  • Control panel includes: bellows ON/OFF, lighting ON/OFF, bellows speed controller
  • High power, quiet bellows
  • H-14 efficiency HEPA filter (99.99% filtering efficiency for particles µ0.3 or over).