Modular Systems

A.D Cleanrooms brings you a range of construction solutions, from simple dry wall application to the most sophisticated modular systems. All construction projects are executed according to building codes, GMP, and industry standards.

A.D. Cleanrooms offers a variety of wall panels from manufacturers such as Delta 2000, Dagard and Portafab, each a leader in its class, producing a particular type of panel.

HPL Panels best meet the needs of the pharmaceutical industry. Solid, 48 mm, stand-alone HPL panels’

special features include:

Excellent resistance to all major cleaning agents and chemicals

High resistance to scratches and impact

  • Flush installation
  • Class A fire certification
  • Low maintenance and longevity
  • Easy modification
  • A wide array of accessories
  • HPL Lamination

HPL Lamination is an easy and practical way to give plaster walls the advantages of HPL panels.

  • A.D. Cleanrooms Engineering is the sole company with a proven record in Israel, having applied HPL to over 10,000 square meters of walls.
  • A full range of customized accessories, developed especially by A.D. Cleanrooms, provides a complete solution to your needs.
  • Metal panels, often the optimal choice for the microelectronics industry, are available in various finishes: galvanized tin, aluminum, and stainless steel.

Special features include:

  • Panel width — from 40mm to 120mm
  • Interior core made of Honeycomb Rockwell mineral wool and polystyrene.
  • Flush installation
  • Easily modified
  • Non-magnetic, for nano-applications