Clean Rooms/Canopies

ADCR has been involved in clean rooms since 1999 and is among Israel’s leading companies that provides sterile spaces at all hygienic levels for production, research and development environments.

ADCR provides turnkey solutions based on solid engineering and design, extensive multi-disciplinary know-how and proven performance capability.

ADCR manages projects under inclusive responsibility from the characterization and planning stage, through all construction stages until validation and certification. The company also provides long-term maintenance services.

ADCR serves a large range of industries: pharmaceutics, biotechnology, medical equipment, hospitals and labs, electronics, food and many more.

ADCR constructs clean canopies, a modular solution that costs less than classical clean rooms and is relatively fast in constructing a clean space for a particular job that requires a clean environment. A clean space may be created to an ISO Class 5 cleanliness level. The canopy structure includes a top made of a construction with smart aluminum profiles that can be dismantled and assembled under any field conditions. The room’s top is made of T-bar aluminum profiles that carry the filtering unit, ceiling covers, HPL and LED lighting fixtures for the clean room.

The clean rooms/canopies are inspected according to instructions of ISO Standard 14644 and GMP international standards.

ADCR’s service department employs a large number of skilled, professional technicians trained to carry out ongoing certification tests and maintenance on existing clean rooms/ canopies.