AC/DC laminar unit

PV Plast laminar unit ISO Class 5 cleanliness level upholding requirements of ISO14644 standard

  • work space enclosed in 8mm thick, transparent polycarbonate, including rubber in the profile instead of crack reducer
  • Upper part of unit includes FFU 6mm HPL cladding
  • Complete interior and exterior crack covering
  • Full size front hatch, custom-made height
  • Lighting fixture including bulb
  • Filtering unit with primary filter, AC/DC bellows made by ZE Germany or similar, absolute filter H-14 efficiency for particles 0.3 microns or over.
  • Unit’s electricity consumption does not exceed 1amp proven by an external lab.
  • Structure made of smart aluminum profiles that may be assembled and taken apart under any conditions
  • Smart aluminum profile table including HPL work surface
  • Digital control panel