Chemical evaporator

The evaporator provides a low pressure work space enabling work with volatile substances.

  • Structure made mainly of plywood covered in laboratory Formica. HPL Trespa work space including work surface.
  • Suction through a double back from the lower back part of the work space and the ceiling of the work space.
  • Mechanical front window that may be lifted and lowered and stopped at any required height, made of safety glass.
  • 600-800LUX fluorescent lighting installed outside the suction space.
  • Control panel on the front of the unit with an ON/OFF switch for the bellows, switch that turns on 3 single phase waterproof electric sockets installed outside the pumping space.
  • Trespa work surface
  • Single-phase exhaust bellows made of IP55 polypropylene protected on all sides from rain and sand including protective switch. Includes anti-bird netting and 3m exhaust spout installed on the roof or on a hanging console.
  • Lower chemical storage cabinet in forced low pressure while evaporator is in operation.
  • 20×20 sink + tap
  • Optional gas or vacuum valve
  • Rectangular PVC piping to the bellows, 10m